Grün & Köder plans, develops and manufactures machines and plants for the processing, assembling and testing of functional components in the most diverse applications.
Our range includes individual plants for customized processes, as well as fully automated plants.

With years of experience in the plastics and metal processing, we can offer a sophisticated technique with the latest modern technology.

We accompany you from your initial product concept through product development, the design of the manufacturing process to mass production.
We develop automation technology for your production and testing processes and integrate these into the individual designed special machines.
Our primary goal is your complete satisfaction in terms of the functionality of the concept, quality of machine design and the project management.

  • Create complete solutions based on the customer's requirements with the highest quality standards
  • From project planning till after sales service, we offer custom-made automation solutions for various branches
  • Customized engineering for complete solutions of manufacturing and assembly systems
  • Working in partnership with special suppliers, as well as competent execution of extensive projects
  • Many years of experience for individual, customized tasks
  • Short delivery times through the use of standardized modules, which can be configured requirement conform and product specific
  • Manufacture of assembly, handling and feeding technology with in-house construction and control technology

  • Customized semi or fully automated system solutions of the highest quality

  • Manufacture and assembly plants with a high degree of flexibility for the automotive industry (due to more vehicle types and shorter series production runs)

  • Flexible and reusable modular solutions and assembly systems to meet the requirements of the consumer industry (shorter product life cycles coupled with a wide range of variant diversity)

  • Individual assembly and testing processes of electronic components including complex function tests

  • Conception of a complete solution for medical technique with emphasis on user and patient safety from the first draft of the assembly system
  • Flexible manufacturing technologies

  • Complete assembly plants

  • Modular assembly systems

  • Individual manual workplaces

  • Customized robot applications

  • Handling technology / palletizing system

  • Customized special machines

  • Part-specific feeding solutions

  • Sophisticated testing equipment

  • Latest vision systems